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According to the Evening Standard, lawyers receive the most enquiries about divorce on the first Monday back at work after the holiday season.

Hence, that day is becoming known as Divorce Day. This year, that’s today, January 7.

Here’s a good summary on Bustle

Btw, did you know there’s also a well known phenomenon where dying people cling to life, to hold on to wait to expire until after the holidays and new year? The numbers of expirations just after the new year are huge, disproportionate to other times of year.

Hmm. Personally, I would prefer we all just live and die based on our own needs and desires, not on some arbitrary calendar dates. Then again, I don’t really have any experience of dying yet, so maybe I should just shut up and leave that one be. But divorce? I do firmly believe everyone should at least live based on what they’re thinking and feeling and experiencing, not on some holiday calendar. And should seek counsel, formal or otherwise, or whatever help or information they need to make the best possible decisions about our precious, short lives, now or anytime or all the time. There’s no right time… other than whatever moment you think maybe you need some assistance thinking about your life.

Still. I’m deeply sympathetic to those who choose to wait, who bravely and even heroically subsume their own needs for what they believe is a greater purpose. Just… don’t wait too long. There’s no real reward for volunteering to stay in a misery that can be calmly and lovingly and fairly ended.

The bottom line is, if today or on any day you have reached out to an attorney or other professional, or to a therapist or to a friend or even just to a blog to start the process of understanding what all your options are, and investigate what is involved with freeing yourself of an unhappy relationship and beginning a fresh new chapter, well, you have my unqualified respect and love and support. You’re not alone. You’re not doing anything wrong. You’re just a normal human, trying to find a little happiness while you can.

Me too.

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